We specialize in working with associations.


As one of our clients used to say before each of her association's annual conferences, “if you’re not panicked, it’s time to get panicked!”


But that's not true.

It's all going to get done, it always does. And we can help make that process go more smoothly and with less stress.


We've been working with associations for many years and have helped pull off dozens of

successful conferences and year-long campaigns. Our tool kit includes all the items you need to make this happen: 


Marketing plan and strategy: It starts here, because at the end of the day, if there aren't butts in seats, all the other

hard work won't matter. We help you:

  • Define your prospect list

  • Develop your messaging

  • Identify the proper and best ways to reach your target audience.


We develop exceptional creative that speaks to the reasons people NEED, SHOULD, MUST attend your conference. 


Media plan: We want the press to cover your meeting and enhance the visibility of your conference and your association. The conference is a perfect time to create a strong media relations plan.  Our team will:

  • Develop a press list

  • Run the press room

  • Make sure that reporters have something to write about.


Our clients are routinely covered by CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and many, many other media outlets. We provide media training as well to make sure that your folks look great on TV and in print interviews.


Main stage presentations: Got a board member who goes on for too long? A staffer afraid to get on stage. We help with presentation coaching, and we can also help draft remarks that won't send the audience out in the lobby to check email and go to the bathroom. Same goes for the board meeting, if you or your staff is presenting, we can help you make look great in front of your board


Social media: What's the hashtag? That's just the start of a conversation we'll have about who's going to blog, live tweet, post to Facebook, YouTube and other social media channels that make sense. More importantly, we want to have a cohesive strategy with goals and objectives, not just flood the Internet airwaves with useless gobbledygook!